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Over the years, we acquired a strong reputation for security and protective services.

  • Experienced Officers

  • Team of industry experts

  • Best prices guaranteed

  • Dedicated customer service


Security Officers

DSS offers a complete range of security patrol services to address your needs.

Close Protection Officers

DSS chooses its Close Protection Officers carefully, ensuring they are trained and qualified according to Defense Intelligence Service standards.

Security Consultants

DSS offers consulting services able to address all your needs, and some you may not be aware of.

Secure Transportation

DSS offers a truly secure transportation service. If you need to conduct your meet on the road, or need to be taken somewhere safely, DSS can take you there.

Private Policing

DSS offers a program designed around the original concept of community policing. This program has been proven to reduce crime by up to 60%.

Marine Security

DSS offers a unique maritime security service, designed to reduce marine thefts, and address terrorism concerns.


DSS offers a complete screening service. DSS can arrange for a team to look out for electronic surveillance, of access to sensitive areas.

Protective Intelligence

DSS offers a service which addresses areas of a sensitive nature, including threat assessments.

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