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BOLO for weird behavior!

BOLO for weird behavior!

Recently, an attack took place at CFRC Toronto. An “intelligent” man took it upon himself to walk up to members of the Canadian Armed Forces (odd, for armed forces, they weren’t armed) and begin attacking with a knife. I was happy to read that these trained members took the guy down with no deaths. Fantastic.

What concerned me once again was what he was reported to have been saying when disarmed. He blamed God for his attack. Whether it is self‐radicalization, or not enough medication, it appears that another nutjob was taken off the street. Regardless of his state of mind, this is the world we live in.

Now, just because he didn’t have a firearm doesn’t diminish his intent. Thank the universe he had no training, otherwise we would be mourning lost lives. And be more thankful he didn’t have the resources, otherwise we would have been mourning lost lives.

Attackers like this set off warning bells. They act weird. They dress odd. Something sticks out. The problem is, we are so self‐absorbed in our personal lives that we fail to notice odd. So in a simple post, I want to ask people to begin paying attention to their surroundings. If we paid a little more attention, chances are we could be responsible for stopping the next active shooter, or knifewielding attacker. So without getting all preachy on you, the readers, look up from your iphone or blackberry and look around. Worse thing that could happen is I have stopped you from walking into a light pole. Good luck out there…

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