Close Protection has gone by many names. Only a handful of individuals have proper training to perform this function. Many companies employ people claiming to have government experience. Martial Artists will fool clients into thinking a black belt is a replacement for protection training. Some security guards have passed off their BST certificate as certification because the government gave them a license. Police officers are working off-duty as bodyguards, allowing people to believe that carrying a badge is equal to protection training.

Protection training is different from any other training. In the past, all close protection officers had to worry about were overzealous fans. As time progressed, governments and corporations began using them. The only real training available was from the US Secret Service. It wasn't until the 80's that training became available to the private sector. Attackers had to step up their game to counter the new training. As the forms of attacks evolved, so did training. The problem was, very few obtained it.

Diplomatic Security personnel undergo a lot of scrutiny from within. Simply put, when it comes to protection, our standards are high. We don't put just anyone into a protection role. Our Officers undergo a minimum 5 weeks of our close protection training, on top of the training they got from their previous agency. We do not believe a badge or a martial arts belt is a suitable replacement for proper training. Police and martial artists are no match for terrorists, no matter how the entertainment industry portray them. Proper training speaks volumes.

If you have a protection issue, talk to an agency that specializes in protection. Our staff have never lost any clients, which speaks to our experience and training. Instead of believing media hype, ask yourself what is your life worth? Then give us a call.