About Us

Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) is a Private Security Company (PSC) with its head office located in British Columbia, Canada. Our background is public and private policing. We also support the military by employing former soldiers, and active reservists. Our management come from the same backgrounds, so you can expect the same high standards our government does.

Our Standards

All DSS Officers must be over 21 years of age. They must have a minimum of two years military service, or public/private policing. DSS Officers must have, or be able to possess advanced training such as handcuffing, Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT) and First Aid (minimum OFA Level One with CPR/AEDĀ  endorsement). Additional training is always encouraged.

British Columbia

Most Security Workers licensed through the Government of British Columbia maintain a minimum Basic Security Training, as stated by the Security Services Act. But it also must be stated that this training does not include bodyguard training, or many other types where licensing is required. Diplomatic Security Service offers it's staff additional training through the Torchwood Institute, to fill gaps left by the government. This means you get an officer who is superior to those employed with other companies.

General Duties include: