Crime doesn't sleep. When the doors close and the lights go out, the criminal's day just gets started. Whether you are a business or property owner, you can't be present 24/7 to protect what may have taken years to build. We can help.

Diplomatic Security Service can send trained, competent Officers to patrol your property when criminals are the most active. You can arrange to vary the patrols to keep them guessing. In any case, a mobile presence can be valuable when it is done right.

Should you have a need to open or close your facilities at a specific time, have one of our patrols do it for you. If you want your property checked outside normal business hours, we can do that too.

Alarm Response can also be a concern. Some security and alarm companies have terrible response times. When they do respond, the guard may look around, but are unsure how to approach should they find something. DSS Officers follow procedures established to ensure officer safety, and maximize response. This is where experience and training make the difference.