Film Industry, concerts, sports events, and other special events have been experiencing an increase in levels of security, be it for anti-piracy protection, site security, theft prevention, etc. We are now seeing screening devices being deployed by security officers properly trained and experienced in their use.

Screening devices can range from a small, simple hand wand, to the large x-ray machines. On the rise is the use of devices you walk past, such as Magnetometers, body scanners and Cell Phone Detectors.

Our Screening Officers are trained to use stationary and portable screening devices, and have years of experience using them at Airports and Cruise Ship Terminals. Other industries have found a benefit to the use of screening devices such as special events, including concerts and movie screenings.

All DSS Screening Officers undergo stringent training for the different methods of screening with courses that run from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the types of equipment being used. Training also includes how to conduct proper physical searches of baggage, packages, passengers, people, and vehicles.