Canada ranked 4th for workplace aggression (2016 ILO survey). Nearly 1 in 5 violent incidents (including physical assault, sexual assault and robbery) occur in the workplace. Source: Glenn French of the Canadian Initiative on Workplace Violence (2007). These incidents added up to more than 360,000 violent workplace incidents in the 10 provinces in 2014. Someone known to the victim committed two out of three of the workplace incidents, In 18% of incidents where the victim knew the accused, the victim was a co-worker of the perpetrator.

The types of violence experienced in the workplace can be as varied as the types of jobs and people working in them. Some of the more common occurrences of violence involve a disgruntled employee, an ex-relationship partner, terminated employee, or someone with mental health issues or substance abuse. In 2016, a worker was found to be a self-radicalized ISIS supporter after shooting co-workers celebrating at a holiday party for the environmental health department in San Bernardino.

Diplomatic Security Service can:

  • provide a security assessment and threat analysis, and recommend solutions for dealing with the situation;
  • assist in a "Keeping the Peace" role during employees terminations, and escort them from the premise; and
  • provide extra security to affected individuals and staff while at their workplace, travelling to and from the workplace, or to their residence.

DSS Officers are trained in dealing with violence in the workplace and providing non-violent solutions. This is an area where employing former military and police have a distinct advantage.